Developing Expertise in Orthopedic Trauma Surgery

The AIOD Academy is responsible for handling all organisational, practical and administrative planning of events and implements the goals of AIOD Germany across the regions and throughout the country.

It provides and organises solely and exclusively certified further education and training for young scientists in the fields of trauma surgery and orthopaedics. At the same time, it also promotes the further education of young trauma surgeons and orthopaedists via cooperative communication within these fields.

Activities and responsibilities:
•    Organising events
•    Events for continuing education such as seminars, workshops, symposia etc.
•    Surgery workshops
•    Trauma courses
•    Scientific conferences
•    Assisting in preparation for Specialty Certificate Examinations
•    Providing short-term job shadowing and clinic visits
•    Creating rotation positions
•    Creating scholarships and job shadowing positions
•    Promoting training
•    Promoting cooperative communication within the fields

With the wide variety of implant training available, our range of long-established and brand new courses for doctors and surgical staff covers every requirement of continuing education and training. By participating in AIOD courses, you are automatically participating in the continuing education certification of the State Chambers of Physicians (Landesärztekammer). Participants can also apply for training leave to attend some of our continuing education courses, which are recognised as training and held over several days.

AIOD Course

AIOD Workshop

AIOD Symposium