Standard registration and participation terms for
AIOD Deutschland gGmbH


Advance registration (by letter, fax, online via the internet or by telephone) is required for all events organised by AIOD Deutschland gGmbH. You can register online via our homepage

Partial registration is only possible for parts of events that can be booked individually or by day. If your registration is made via your employer and the latter is also being invoiced then this must be made clear from the registration. Registration documents will only be mailed via e-mail.

When your registration is submitted, you have accepted the internal compliance guideline.

Participation fee

Please remit the participation fee by bank transfer after receipt of the invoice by the date given, but at the latest seven days prior to the beginning of the conference. Price discounts are announced separately in each case.

Scope of performance

The participation fee covers participation at the event, seminar documents and, where announced, conference beverages, lunch or eventually an evening snack. In addition, issue of the participation certificate is included.

Withdrawal of the participant

Any withdrawal from your binding registration must be made in writing. It may be received by post, fax or email. The AIOD may demand appropriate compensation for the preparations made and the expenditures incurred. The following flat-rate withdrawal conditions apply, unless otherwise explicitly indicated in the registration form:

- Up to 21 days before the course begins: administrative fee of 40.00 euros

- Less than 21 days and up to 7 days before the course begins: 60% of the course fee (including an early registration discount)

- As of 6 days or less before the course begins: 100% of the course fee

Should someone else fill your place, then no withdrawal costs will be incurred. The participant is also entitled to appoint a replacement. In that case as well, the customer does not incur any costs.

Cancellation of seminars and necessary programme changes

An event may be called off for cause, e.g. where there are too few participants, when the speaker is unavailable or ill, if the hotel closes or in case of force majeure. In case of too few participants cancellation will be made no later than two weeks before the beginning of the event. If, by way of exception, an event has to be called off or postponed, we will refund the participation fee paid without delay. Any further claims are barred, except in cases of intentional or grossly negligent conduct on the part of legal representatives, employees or other auxiliaries of AIOD Deutschland gGmbH.

The AIOD reserves the right to make changes to the scientific programmes. This will not affect the original planning and design of a course.

Working documents

The working documents will be handed out at the beginning of the event by our conference assistant.


The working documents of AIOD Deutschland gGmbH are copyright protected and may not be reproduced or disseminated in full or in part without the consent of AIOD Deutschland gGmbH. AIOD Deutschland gGmbH reserves all rights. The working documents are exclusively available to participants. Making them available presupposes consent to the corresponding usage terms.

The course participants agree to possibly appearing in video and photo materials that may be used after the course is over for workshop documentation, press and public relations work as well as for use in brochures and on the AIOD Deutschland gGmbH homepage.

Data privacy/user data

Data transmitted to us are processed electronically to complete your seminar booking and for information about additional events. The name and address data are made available to other seminar participants by means of the list of participants and to the firm retained for mailing services. If you do not want any information about further AIOD Deutschland gGmbH events then please inform us so in time. Objections must be made to: AIOD Deutschland gGmbH, Ruhrallee 185, 45136 Essen, Germany, tel: +49 (0)201-8945162 or by email to

Participation certificates

We will issue you a qualified participation certificate relating to your participation in the event with documentation of the number of hours spent at the event. Please note that for this purpose you must confirm your participation on the signature lists laid out on the day of the course.

You will receive a certificate for successful participation in a course with an exam (professional course of instruction). In order to meet the legal requirements for recognition of exams, the participants will be given separate instructions for how such performance testing is conducted.

Hotel bookings

We generally reserve a limited quota of rooms for our participants at reduced prices in the event venue hotel. Please make your own room reservation with the hotel, noting your participation in an AIOD Akademie course. You will find separate information about this in the corresponding course programme.

Precautionary measures

At workshops on specimens, the protective clothing provided must be used to the full extent. You must wear the X-ray shield as well as your own personal exposure meter when using X-ray equipment in the workshop.

Live specimens will be used in some courses. We draw your attention to the fact that they may contain potentially infectious materials. Sharp implements are used in the courses. At this time we would like to remind you to handle such instruments carefully and ask you to take care of proper disposal. The course director shall always provide you with instructions. In courses and workshops on bone models, the precautionary measures cited above shall also apply. The AIOD does not assume any liability for injuries caused by sharp implements.