• OTC Course: Principals of Clinical Research

    Trauma Center Murnau (BGU)

    07.11.2011 - 08.11.2011

  • Principals of Clinical Research

    Course Chairmen
    Prof. Dr. Peter Augat, BGU Murnau, Germany
    Prof. Rudolf Poolman, MD PhD, OLVG, Amsterdam, Netherlands

    PD Volker Alt, MD PhD, University Hospital Giessen, Germany
    Prof. Ole Brink, MD PhD, University of Arhus, Denmark
    Esther van Lieshout, PhD, Erasmus Medical Center, Rotterdam, Netherlands
    Vanessa Scholtes, PhD, OLVG Amsterdam, Netherlands
    Prof. Hamish Simpson, MD PhD, Edinburgh University Medical School, UK
    More faculty to be confirmed
    Guest lecturer
    Dr. Franziska Baumgarten, DEKRA Certification, Penzberg, Germany


    The 2011 course covers the principles of clinical research, research study design, the concept of randomized trial and non-randomized studies, practical aspects of clinical trials, health statistics for surgeons, and the dissemination of clinical research results.
    The course should give participants a comprehensive foundation of the present state of health research methodology by covering basic science methods, epidemiological study principals, evidence based medicine principles, outcome assessments, research ethics, and data management. The course program consists of lectures, interactive panel discussions, and small working groups in breakout sessions. Comprehension of the «language of research» is a main objective of the course, particularly for epidemiological study methodology.

    Target Audience
    This course is primarily aimed at clinicians and surgeons in training, particularly in orthopaedic and trauma surgery. The course should be of equal interest to researchers in various related scientific disciplines dealing with skeletal trauma problems, and to those wishing an introduction to clinical research methods.

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